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The System

What for?

The Virtual Pilots Association is a virtual pilot community created to allow pilots to share many things but mostly to fly general aviation and all airlines within a single entity providing a single logbook of all their hours. This is to avoid switching from a VA to another all the time, losing their hours. Finally it started that way and now provides also a fun and educational environment for advanced FS Pilots.

Main features

The VPA provides everything you would find within a VA environment including:
  • A single logbook for all your flights
  • Flying for any real Airline
  • General Aviation flights
  • An exclusive Economy-like environment with a points-system
  • A complete automated system for flight management
  • Constant evolution of our system developed with proven, stable open-source technologies (Linux, PHP and MySQL)
  • Rock-solid and fast web 2.0 application developed using OOP, Frameworks, AJAX...
  • Excellent access from Europe and the U.S. to our dedicated server directly linked to the CERN in Geneva
  • Operate Online flights on IVAO and VATSIM
  • Operate Offline flights

A point system?!?

Yes we're the first FS environment where flight hours and ranks are not the only criteria. We've added a new concept based on the 'WINGS' that are our points unit. According to your flying operations, you'll gain points, quite logic isn't it? But as we're creating a community, the more you get involved within the community (creating contents, participation to the forum, helping others etc...) the more you get WINGS.

That's the basic... But wait there's more!

The points you get varies according to supply and demand:
  • The more an airline is flown within the VPA, the less WINGS you'll get.
  • The more a destination is flown, the less you gain points.
  • And other little secrets...
And we're always improving that system!

So What are you waiting for?